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Azure SQL Database Query performance insight

Managing and tuning the performance of relational databases is a challenging task that requires significant expertise and time investment but now we have another tool in our arsenal to help us optimize our relational workloads.

Query Performance Insight allows you to spend less time troubleshooting database performance by providing the following:

  • Deeper insight into your databases resource (DTU) consumption.
  • The top DTU consuming queries, which can potentially be tuned for improved performance.
  • The ability to drill down into the details of a query.

For more information, visit the Query Performance Insight page on MSDN

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  1. Jim Youmans Jim Youmans

    I am trying to use Query Insights to troubleshoot some issue with our Azure database and so far my experience is that it is crap. It give me wildly different numbers depending on what view you use, it has not depth to it so I can’t tell what the issue is (if I can find the issue). I find it really really frustrating. I have been doing this for a while and this is one of the worse performance tools I have every used. Unless you can point me to a resource that show me I am doing it all wrong.

  2. kpantos kpantos

    I don’t think that the numbers are view specific or app specific, after all these numbers are just dmv query results from SQL Azure that are just presented using a graphical tool.
    If Query insights can not give you the depth of information required or if you have difficulty trusting the results presented you can always query the dmvs your self. You can find a very helpful guide of how to go through with this, here

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