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Microsoft Azure Storage Data Movement Library

The Microsoft Azure Storage Data Movement Library in an open source library designed for high-performance uploading, downloading and copying Azure Storage Blob and File. This library is based on the core data movement framework that powers AzCopy.

The library can help you take full advantage of cloud storage with a number of advance features like:

  • Blobs

    • Download/Upload/Copy Blobs.
    • Synchronous and asynchronous copy Blobs
    • Concurrently transfer Blobs and Blob chunks, define number of concurrent operations
    • Download Specific Blob Snapshot
  • Files

    • Download/Upload/Copy Files.
    • Synchronous and asynchronous copy Files
    • Concurrently transfer Files and File ranges, define number of concurrent operations
  • General

    • Track data transfer progress
    • Recover the data transfer
    • Set Access Condition
    • Set User Agent Suffix
    • Directory/recursive transfer

With these new features, you can perform data movement at the Blob container and Blob virtual directory level, or the File share and File directory level.

The library is powered by a very ative community at Github, providing code samples, help and of course any community contributions to these code samples are highly appreciated.

You can install the Azure Storage Data Movement Library from Nuget or download the source code from Github. For more details, please read the Getting Started documentation.

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