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Catching up

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A lot has been going on for the past couple of months that prevented me from keeping this blog up to date, so I feel it’s time to do some catching up and let you all in on some of the cool things that I’ve been involved with since my last post back in September.

This is going to be an ongoing list that’s going to be updated as soon as posts get published, so stay tuned for updates..

September 2011

Build Windows Conference

October 2011

ArabGames 2011 Info System

November 2011

Annual Digital Dialogue Microsoft 2011

PaoBC Azure Deployment

ITProDevConnections 2011

CloudCom International Conference Azure Presentation

December 2011

AskADev intervew

Three day Azure Workshop

Azure Web Camp

Are you anxiously waiting this years Champions League final game between Barcha and MU? Well this doesn’t even come close to the ultimate football game of the year.


Can’t wait to see Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Rouney, Giggs and Nani? Why bother, when you’ll get the once in a lifetime chance to see stars like djsolid, hyper-vangelis, spantos, ipplos, gvarakis, dstellakis, grandpa and others on the field.

Don’t miss it!!!

New beginning

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As you probably can see I’ve decided to spent a little time renewing my blog. So there are a couple of things that changed.

First I’ve upgraded the engine version to Subtext 2.5.2. This wasn’t painless, my blog engine was pretty old and the migration steps seemed to fail. I didn’t want to loose my data though and thus I persisted and managed with a couple of tricks to finally move my data to the new engine.

Second, the blog is now hosted on a different server. I wanted to move to a server on which I would have more control to do things. So I’ve moved to a dedicated machine where I can VPN/RDP on.

Last but not least, I’ve changed my blog theme to a new one to give my blog a fresh view. The theme was picked up from the Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 project.

So let me know if you have any problems and drop my a line and let me know what do you think of my new skin.

When you work as a freelancer and are a father of two young boys it’s almost impossible finding a place at home where you can concentrate and work. So most of the times you end up at some local Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop enjoying a cup of coffee while tapping code on the keyboard. But what happens if you want to meet and talk with a client?

So you can understand my excitement when I read about Joey’s discovery, Cloud Free Agent Espresso Bar, a place in Toronto Canada where you can have a coffee and work or host a business meeting if you have to.



This got me searching through the internet to see if something similar was available in Greece and so that you know there’s actually a similar place in Athens Greece and it’s called coLabWorkspace.









Although this place has a different business model from a coffee shop (coffee is free but you’re charged by the hour) and although it’s pretty expensive (in a coffee shop you can order coffee and sit there for hours, while in coLab you pay by the hour) can be used for the same purpose as the place in Canada.

I just wish there were more places like that in Athens, cheaper and preferably near my place.

I’ve just rebooted from a Windows update only to find at my startup screen the following window.

Browser windows 7 

And I am wondering do other OSes have something similar …

It’s been a while since my last post, but things have been pretty hectic trying to set up and start my new business. Thankfully things are going great so you’re going to be hearing more about Techaholics in the near future ;-).

Yes Techaholics is the name I think best represents what my Friend Panos talked about a few years back (now that I look at it we’ve come up with a name almost at the same time just two years ago, what a coincidence ;-)). Let me know what you think about it.

I’ve already started working on the website and hope that will not be long till I’ve got it up and running. Till then you can have a look at the Christmas Card I’ve created (you probably got an email with it before Christmas) using Silverlight for Christmas.

1 2 3 


So Happy new year everyone, hope this year brings you everything you ever wished for.

Google-Wave Yesterday I received my Google Wave Invitation which includes 8 more invitations to give away. So I have 8 Google Wave invitations and I’m going to give them up to 8 readers that will leave a comment to this blog post. So if you’re interested in testing Google’s new Social Platform leave a comment and try your luck 😉

The draw will take place next Tuesday.

P.S. You’ll have to include an email to your comment in which I’m going to send the invite in case you win.

Almost two years have pasted since I moved to Metadata, a small startup company focusing on The Web, to work as a Software Solutions Architect. During this time I was able to design and develop the company’s web platform, namely MetaCMS and use it to develop large news portals and e-commerce solutions.

Yesterday, I announced my resignation. There are a lot of reasons that lead me to that decision but the main one is that I want to start – try to make it on my own. So starting November, after the TechEd conference, I’ll be starting my very own company focusing, as always, in innovative solutions, cutting edge technologies and wow experiences. So if you have an idea that needs development or need a consultant for your project talk to me.

There are a lot of people I’ve worked with that I would like to thank, I really learned a lot from them. I hope that we’ll get the chance to work together again in the future.

More info coming up, stay tuned…

I briefly got the chance to talk about MetaCMS, the content management system and e-shop platform I’ve designed and built, a while back. Since then a lot of sites have been built using it. Some of which (the biggest ones) include:


And as if building these sites wasn’t enough we’ve decided to completely re-write the platform and built MetaCMS V2. The fact that it had been “tied” to LinqToSql was bothering me all along but due to lack of time didn’t have the time to do something about it. But eventually and although I had put it on “steroids”, the Context has been disposed caching bugs I’ve talked about previously, drove us to completely re-write that part.


So what’s new in this new version, well basically we’ve done two things

  • First we’ve build View Models of serializable POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) objects, taking advantage of the T4 Visual Studio templating engine and the Linq models we already had. In addition these View Model objects were designed to have lambda expressions that will lazy load related entities once those are requested.
  • Secondly I’ve designed a simple IoC system that instantiates Repositories that are responsible to return data and “Hydrate” the view model objects.


Making these changes we were able to solve the caching problems and the dreadful Context has been disposed exception we were getting when caching Linq objects and at the same time build a more robust, scalable, solution one that can target multiple client technologies (Sliverlight, WPF, etc) and use different Data access methods.

But that’s not all, except from the bug fixes a lot of new features and modules have been added as well. Some of which are:

  • Extensibility support
    Hook into various MetaCMS actions and build your own custom business logic.
  • Messaging platform
    Capable of sending templatized newsletters and Emails.
  • Import / Export
    Import and Export engine that allows communication with arbitrary data sources.
  • Stock Market platform
    Utilizes a provider model to allow communication with any Stock Market data provider (Rueters, XAA etc.)
  • Competition Module
    Supports multiple and recurring competitions with custom winner picking rule engine.
  • Elections
    Build to support Elections with maximum detail and data coming from any provider.

And last but not least the e-commerce part of MetaCMS that has been upgraded to an Enterprise Level solution with all the features even the most demanding shop would need. Speaking of which there is a large e-shop project coming up soon that unfortunately though I still can’t disclose.

Time to stop mumbling… if you have more questions or need a demo get in touch and I’ll arrange it.