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SQL Database Index Advisor

[dropcap size=”220%”]F[/dropcap]ollowing up on my Azure SQL Database performance tools and practices I’m very happy to bring your attention to a tool that was published a few days back and allows you to spend less time tuning your database performance.

The Azure SQL Database Index Advisor recommends new indexes for your existing SQL Databases that can improve current query performance.

The SQL Database service assesses index performance by analyzing historical resource usage for a SQL Database and the indexes that are best suited for running the database’s typical workload are recommended.


Index advisor makes index management easier by providing recommendations on which indexes to create. For V12 servers, Index advisor can also create and validate indexes with just a few clicks in the Azure Portal. After the index is created, the SQL Database service analyzes performance of the database workload and provides details of the impact of the new index. If the analysis determines that a recommended index has a negative impact on performance, then the index is reverted automatically.

You can find more information about Azure SQL Database Advisor here

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