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Blog Engine Update

I’ve decided it was time I moved my blog to a newer blogging engine for a long time but didn’t have time to go through with it. Well yesterday I did as I had a few hours to spare (although it took me more than that eventually).

I’ve decided to use SubText as my new blogging engine as it supports .Text data import and since my old Blog was based on .Text this would come handy.

After solving a number of database related problems (I even had to run the db installation scripts manually) I managed to get it up and running again. Hope that everything works as it previously did.

If you spot any errors, or have any comments don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. I too was a .Text user for some time and finally moved over to SubText. What fairly painless (at least a lot less than I expected) and have not had many problems. Really like it and having source code I can compile is a major plus!


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