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Prague adventures

airport I’m sitting at the Prague airport waiting for my flight back to Greece. Yes I’ve been to Prague for the last couple of days for vacation. Prague is beautiful and very romantic so I suggest you take your soul mates and visit it. But lets take it from the top…


Me and my wife were booked a room at a 4 star hotel called Barcelo which overall was nice (had a very rich breakfast that spoiled my on going diet 🙁 ). Unfortunately it was poorly situated (although near Microsoft’s offices) outside the city center (2 bus and 5 metro stops away from the city center) and behind a cemetery. Believe me it’s not the nicest thing to wake up in the morning and see a cemetery out your window. What’s more on the second day of our staying there, we returned to our room to find our door open. It seems that it was left open by the cleaning personnel after cleaning the room at the morning and left open for the rest of the day :-o. Thankfully nothing was taken from the room (I had left my laptop that day in the room) but non the less things like that should not occur in a 4 star hotel in any hotel for that matter.

City – Country

first (25) The city is beautiful as I already told you, and you must be prepared to walk a lot if you want to really enjoy it and see all of Prague. Czech people are nice, although a bit cold (as all Northern European people are) and not so happy in speaking in English. Czech republic has joined EU but hasn’t changed its currency to Euro yet thus making it a very cheap city for those carrying Euros. You normally have to change money at exchange centers but don’t worry if you do not get the chance as everyone will be more than happy to be paid in Euros at an “interesting” exchange rate ;-). Food is great, if you like eating meat, Prague will please your gastronomic desires in many different ways.


Always take an umbrella when you visit Prague, you never know when it’s going to rain. The weather on our three days stay was overall nice and worm, it rained only on our first day. On our last day at Prague, our guide said that this was the hottest day Prague had for many years and it was only 32 degrees Celsius (wait till they reach 40 like it did in Greece this weekend ;-)).

Buying stuff

IMGP0038 Due to the currency issued mentioned earlier, things are relatively cheap in Prague. You’ll have to search for the better prices though and of course avoid buying from the tourist shops, they usually sell at the highest possible price (same as in Athens). Czech is famous for its Crystals, Porcelains and precious stones (my wife had a blast ;-)). A thing that annoyed me while searching for small souvenirs and gifts was a wooden toy puzzle that showed Europe. In it not only FYROM was named Macedonia but some of the Greek Aegean islands were To be perfectly honest I was more angry with the Greek government not doing anything to prevent these from happening than with the Czech people selling them.

Anyway that’s more or less all I had to say about my trip to Prague, now back to work, till my next summer vacations…

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  1. Amanda Amanda

    I have been in Prague for 2 weeks, I absolutely loved. I was there with my friends, not with my soul mate as you recommend: ). During the day we went to visit what the guide told us to: ) but we had a lot of fun during the night.
    I found the city beautiful, like a fairytale land, the towers, the castles, the cathedrals….
    I also found the city safe as you can see in this article from the government pages, I never had a problem by being out till late or walking to the hotel alone. Life there is so cheap we can live very well there. The price of the beer make us get drunk easier: )
    I also was nicely surprised by the place we slept in I’ll leave you here a very good site of Prague hotels, they are cheap and very pleasant. For your next time.
    I was also very impressed by the Jewish quarter, specially the first synagogue where the names of the victims are written all over the walls. But I think the most beautiful was the Spanish synagogue.
    The got a nice weather there it was sunny and hot. The only problem is that there no sea air circulating but that was ok. I intend to return for sure.

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