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Now Live Photo Gallery is on public beta… Now it’s not?

I’ve been really close to the “Live” development platform and have tested most of its products from their beta versions so when I found out today that Microsoft has released two new Live products on public beta namely Windows Live Gallery and live folders I’ve rushed to the Live Web site to download and try them.

Unfortunately I was too late. For some reason Microsoft decided to pull back its releases and disabled us (people on the other side of the Atlantic that sleep when US is awake) the download of those new products.

At least the folders live program, clearly stated from the beginning that the program was not available for my market (that is Greece), Photogallery on the other hand behaved very strangely sometimes showing the download page (although the download link was broken) and sometimes showing the default live betas one, making me wonder if I did something wrong.

After loosing some time trying to find out what was going wrong, I gave up and decided to stop bothering….

Does anyone know why Microsoft decided not to go through with a public beta and why this had to be decided after releasing it for a couple of hours?

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  1. kj kj

    the live photo gallery beta is a private beta and as far as i know it is only available to people working wthin microsoft at the moment.

  2. I know…
    My point though, is why they made it a private beta when initially started as a public one.

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