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I’ve been really close to the “Live” development platform and have tested most of its products from their beta versions so when I found out today that Microsoft has released two new Live products on public beta namely Windows Live Gallery and live folders I’ve rushed to the Live Web site to download and try them.

Unfortunately I was too late. For some reason Microsoft decided to pull back its releases and disabled us (people on the other side of the Atlantic that sleep when US is awake) the download of those new products.

At least the folders live program, clearly stated from the beginning that the program was not available for my market (that is Greece), Photogallery on the other hand behaved very strangely sometimes showing the download page (although the download link was broken) and sometimes showing the default live betas one, making me wonder if I did something wrong.

After loosing some time trying to find out what was going wrong, I gave up and decided to stop bothering….

Does anyone know why Microsoft decided not to go through with a public beta and why this had to be decided after releasing it for a couple of hours?

I’ve decided it was time I moved my blog to a newer blogging engine for a long time but didn’t have time to go through with it. Well yesterday I did as I had a few hours to spare (although it took me more than that eventually).

I’ve decided to use SubText as my new blogging engine as it supports .Text data import and since my old Blog was based on .Text this would come handy.

After solving a number of database related problems (I even had to run the db installation scripts manually) I managed to get it up and running again. Hope that everything works as it previously did.

If you spot any errors, or have any comments don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Thanks Savas

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Have you tried Apple’s new Safari browser?

Well if you have, you’ll notice that most of the sites (not just my site ;-))won’t display correctly, it takes forever to start and has a number of crashes (at least had at my PC). As for the claimed browser speed, it’s obvious that if you decide to ignore half the elements, styles an other objects other browsers render, you’ll render faster. Even though running my tests on various sites, I didn’t see the performance difference they claim their browser has. So I can’t help being skeptical, how did they came up with their diagrams and with statements like these:

“…the fastest, easiest to use web browser in the world…”
“..up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer…”

Protected: Restoring Live Writer’s spell checking

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As promised I’ve created a silverlight video of my interview at Microsft’s innovation day event. I’ve used clackerzone’s super Live Writer addin that enables you to encode (uses Expression Media Encoder) and upload your video directly from Windows Live Writer with a few simple steps.


One of the features I really loved about Microsoft Live writer was its spell checking one, so I made sure before downloading the new beta2 version that it wasn’t removed. As I read it was instead somewhat enhanced by enabling inline spell checking.

So I downloaded and installed it only to find out that my spell checking capabilities were gone. There’s no Spell Check button as there was in the previous version (it explains, as if you have inline spell checking you don’t really need it) and inline spell checking doesn’t work.

Does anyone know where Live Writer’s spell checking has gone?