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Talking about openness

I’ve been working and am a huge supporter of Microsoft’s Entity Framework. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t found issues that prevented me from tackling requirements of the day to day challenges faced when building real-world applications and services. I always thought that if only I had the chance to communicate and exchange ideas with the guys behind it, in the early stages of the Framework’s development process, most of the issues would be solved and I wouldn’t have to face those issues. Well I guess I wasn’t the only one that had that idea…

Today, the EF group guys announced that they’re starting the engineering and opening up their design process for the second version of the framework.

… we would like to enable folks that are interested in Entity Framework version 2 to follow the design topics as we discuss them, and have the opportunity to provide feedback right during the time where we are actively discussing a certain aspect and before we have made a final decision.

Great news, way to go guys, the idea only of being able to contribute in a Microsoft product is exciting. So if you’re interested in helping design V2 of Entity Framework subscribe to

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