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I’m still here…

Yes I’m still here…

I know I haven’t blogged for quite some time now but a lot have happened lately, some good some bad…

First, I had to find a new job, as my last employer stopped paying his employees since March (yes these kind of things happen in Greece). Unfortunately I was one of them and as you can imagine I had to quickly find something else. This took quite a lot of my time but not as long as trying to find a way to legally claim my payments. Best case scenario, from what I’ve been told, is that I might be able to get a part of my money after a period of two years.

Next I had to adopt to my new job. I’ve started as a Software Solutions Architect in a newly created company called (yeah I know we haven’t uploaded our corporate site yet but that’s how new the company is ;-). Even though I was kind of looking for something with less risk, I was excited with the opportunity presented to me, so I’ve decided to trust the guys at metadata and give it a shot (crossed my fingers and signed up!). Of course as in any kind of startup, there are a lot of things that need to be done and so little time.

Anyway things have now settled down and I intend not only to resume my blogging activities but increase it as much as possible. To make it up to you, I’m preparing a couple of surprises… so thanks for following and stay tuned.

P.S. Looking at the number of my posts, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a pattern between the number of posts written each year. Of course this is not something I do intentionally. Does this happen to you?

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