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Web.Config auto close

I’ve been working with VS 2008 for quite a while now and since the beginning I found irritating the fact that web.config files close when you save them.

I usually (or constantly ;-)) hit ctrl-s for every change I make without this necessarily meaning that I’m through changing the file. In VS 2008 this means that I have to re-open web.config every time I do that.

What’s more interesting is that no one else seems to complain about that. I searched the web to find a way to work around that but I simply can not find anything on that.

Is this a VS bug,… am I the only one that think that’s a problem?

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  1. I had the same problem, and, although I cannot recall where I found the solution, I can mention it here: Uninstall the Entity Framework Tools Dec 07 CTP!! Yeah, that”s a bug on the designer, which forces the web.config to close on Ctrl – S (????) (If I am not mistaken, the same applies for windows projects, when editing app.config).

    I had to remove the EF tools because I”m working on a web project right now including WCF, which includes heavy congifuration updates everytime I wanted to change something. And this really got on my nerves!!
    So, I am waiting for a new version, hope they fix it till then… 🙂

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