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myFacebook gadget update out there…

Having some free time durring the Christmas holidays gave me the oportunity of doing a couple of things to myFacebook gadget. So except from the necessary bug fixing 😉 version 1.2.1 of myFacebook contains three major updates:

  • First I’ve removed the verb “is” from the user status as Facebook finally listened to all the users that complained about it and removed it from its platform as well. Remember that you’re now expected to fill in the verb yourself.
  • I’ve also noticed that my friends’ status feed contained entries that were a lot older than the ones I expected to see. So I’ve introduced a new setting that allows you to select how many status updates you’d like to see on the list. I also had some complains that the rotating friend status list is somewhat confusing and I’m expecting your feedback on that to decide if and how I’m going to change that.
  • And finally I’ve reduced the size of the field containing your facebook status as there were cases (when the status text was long) that the friends status list was truncated from the bottom edge of the gadget.

As always I’m expecting your feedback and comments on how to make myFacebook better.

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  1. Ruth Ruth

    Still can”t get the status feeds to be updated despite following the instructions and adding to my trusted sites…any suggestions?


  2. Steve Steve

    I love this gadget. But I have run into a few bugs.

    1. Sometimes after I reboot (or get a dreaded Vista bluescreen) I have to regenerate the API key. This is annoying.

    2. When I click on the various buttons to load my profile, calender, etc, the mini window does not close. I click the X but nothing happens. Would like to get that to close.

    That”s about it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Steve,
    First, thanks for using myFacebook gadget…
    As for the “bugs”:
    1. Sorry, this is something you”ll have to live with. Consider this as having to login to access the service. I bet you do that for a number of things. “One time” really means for as long you”re online not for ever.
    2. The flyout will close once you click anywhere outside the gadget. Don”t you think that it”s more trouble clicking on the X than clicking anywhere else?

  4. Darren Darren

    I got it to work by subscribing to the feeds.Go to notification page, right hand side is subscribe link,after that is done, go to favorites, click on feeds tab, properties and copy and paste the address url into the same for friends status..don”t change any of the keys.

  5. HelpMe HelpMe

    When i click to generate code i get this error (on FB):
    An error occurred. Please try again later.
    I downloaded it from Microsoft but no luck! It had worked in the past on my friends Windows 7 but doesn”t on mine.

  6. Uddhab Uddhab

    Whenever I click on "Generate a one time Facebook code" it shows "An error occurred. Please try again later."
    How to fix this issue?

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