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oh my… popfly

I usually check my email boxes before leaving home to see if something interesting is there and today there was. The popfly invite, I had to wait for a couple of weeks, had finally arrived. Unfortunately I had to wait again in order to get to work before being able to give it a go. Once I’ve started playing with it though,I found out that it was worth waiting after all.

Popfly is indeed a great tool for developing cool mashups and gadgets quickly and easily. And although it’s rather unstable at the moment (a couple of my mashups did not work with no apparent reason and the mashup designer did not always start), I believe that it will play a vital role in building web Next.

I can’t wait until I build my first real popfly gadget using my new popfly account.
If only I had a cool idea to start with…

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  1. Chris Jenkins Chris Jenkins

    I waited around 3 days for my invite but after actually having a look around the site I am amazed why Microsoft would try and market this- There is very little content which has not previously been used on their competitors sites and their proprietary technology is not back compatible with anything prior to winxp sp2. In general, I”m very disappointed and am sick of hearing people praise it.

  2. K# K#

    I really don”t get your disappointment.

    Shouldn”t someone built something new, possibly better, just because other competitive software companies have already built something similar?

    Don”t you like software companies competing with each other? This competition favors us, users, you know? Because of this competition we get better and cheaper software.

    As for the backwards compatibility issue, I”m sure that all the programs you”re running are not backwards compatible with DOS, or even Windows 95 for that matter, are they? You can”t possibly expect backwards compatibility with every OS ever made be Microsoft.

    And since you mentioned "competitors", which do you mean? You shouldn”t pass judgment without naming the competitive software products and were they do best.

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