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Silverlight ongoing list of resources


For those of you interested in finding out what silverlight really is as well as develop silverlight applications…

bits & bytes

Get silverlight

Telerik RadControls – 3d virtual rooms using control based framework

DLR & IronPython

Silverlight developer reference “poster”

Forums – installation, troubleshooting

Electric rain harmony (coming summer 2007) – flash to silverlight converter

Silverlight 1.0 Beta QuickStarts

Silverlight 1.1 Alpha QuickStarts

Silverlight 1.0 QuickStart Using Blend 2: New

Silverlight Online Documentation: New


Main Microsoft site

Community site

Mix conference

experiences & demos

Getting started with silverlight – Scott Guthrie demos how to build an app from scratch

“How Do I?” with Silverlight 1.0

“How Do I?” with Silverlight 1.1

Using Blend with Silverlight 1.0

Community gallery

Top 3 samples in community gallery

Silverlight Pad

Page Turn

Video Library

Beijing Olympics Use Silverlight

Channel 9 screencasts

Watch movie trailers & videos via Silverlight

How to do Rich media advertising – example using eyeblaster


Scott Guthrie – no intro needed

Jim Hugunin – chief architect of the DLR

Mike Harsh – silverlight team

Lutz Roeder – Expression Blend team

Delay  of silverlight airlines demo


Tech talks

All recorded mix07 sessions

ScottGu’s mix keynote and great overview

ScottGu’s Channel9 interview

Building Rich Web Experiences using Silverlight and Javascript for Developers

Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration

Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight

Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with Silverlight, Expression Studio, and Windows Server

Building Silverlight Applications using .NET (Part 1)

Building Silverlight Applications using .NET (Part 2)

Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight

Just Glue It! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight


Getting started whitepaper

Silverlight Architecture Overview

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