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myFacebook Settings It seems that Facebook has changed the friends status page and has removed the RSS feed link that existed there. So it’s a bit difficult to find the right url, the gadget needs, in order to display  your friends’ status on it. So even if you click on the link “here” on the gadget you’ll end up on a page that doesn’t have and RSS links. Even though the link isn’t there any more, that doesn’t mean that the feed is not there either.

All you have to do is:

1. Log on to Facebook and go to your Notifications page:

2. On the right-hand side you’ll see ‘Subscribe to Notifications. Click the ‘Your Notifications’ link. 

The link will open up the feed in your browser and the url on your browser address bar will look something like this: 

3. Copy the id and the key parts and replace the XXXXs of the following url.

4. Test it on your browser to see if your friend statuses are returned and then copy it to the gadget settings page (seen above).

Hope this works for you.

I’ve developed a couple of gadgets and have found that, since installing the latest built of IE7 or Windows 7 the settings pages have broken.

From some initial testing it seems as something has changed in the Sidebar event model.

What happens is that when handling the onload event of a gadget’s settings page, System hasn’t been loaded yet (thus the System undefined error). So there is no way to properly initialize the settings page’s  html Controls using the System.Gadget.Settings object.

I’ve also tried using the System.Gadget.onShowSettings event from my gadgets main pages to initialize my settings pages’ html controls but the problem then is that the Settings Pages haven’t been loaded yet so there is no dom access to my html controls.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

<DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" 
<html xmlns=""> 
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> 
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="css/luna/luna.css" /> 
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="js/Settings.js"><script> 
<body onload="InitPage()" style="width: 500px; height: 500px; font-size:xx-small"> 


function InitPage() { 
    //<-- This causes System Undefined error 
    System.Gadget.Settings.Read("someSetting"); System.Gadget.onSettingsClosing = SettingsClosing; }

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Voting has started at gadget so if you want to help myFacebook gadget now is the time to do it.

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Today I received an email from yahoo that notified me that its new Vista IM software, Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista, is ready for testing. Of course I immediately downloaded and installed it (as I usually do for anything new ;-)) as I remembered that it was pretty cool when I first saw it at last year’s MIX.

yahooMessenger Once loaded though, I got a bit discouraged, since I found out that I could not login using my live credentials :-(. When I registered, I was able to sign in and start adding contacts, thankfully Live messenger contacts could also be added (I would have uninstalled it on the spot if it didn’t). I wonder if there’s also going to be Google IM contact support in the future… The fact that messenger contacts could be added got me thinking though, if yahoo messenger can talk to Live Messenger API to exchange messages why can’t this be used to validate my credentials as well? And then it came to me, if that was allowed what would stop someone from using it as an IM client for just Windows Live and have nothing to do with yahoo and obviously that’s not what people at yahoo would have wanted right?…

yahooMessengerSidebar Aside the account stuff, the program looks great adopting Windows Vista design styles and makes good use of WPF programming API. Most of the features you could expect from an IM program are there but some of them can’t be used if you’re talking to a contact that has signed in at another service and not Yahoo. You’ll also get a vista sidebar gadget that will show your favorite contact on the sidebar. Although that’s really nice, I’d love to have more than one contact there. A nice idea would be to resize the contact image to fit more contacts.

All that is great but do you see a reason for me to turning to yahoo messenger instead of using Windows Live one, especially when most of my contacts use Live Messenger and some Google’s Talk?

A lot of people have been complaining on not being able to login to MyFacebook gadget and I really didn’t know what was going on as I followed Facebook API’s authentication instructions to the letter.

MyFacebook So I’ve decided to change it’s authentication method. It now uses the same authentication method Popfly uses in its Facebook Data source block. To login you’ll have to click on the first page link in order to get an authentication token, then you’ll have to add that token to the gadget settings page.

Note that if this is the first time that you’re using the gadget you’ll also have to authorize it to access your Facebook account. This is an one time only extra step that once completed will redirect you to the token retrieval page but without specifying the required parameter “API_KEY”. This is a Facebook bug and has nothing to do with the gadget so please don’t shoot the messenger. To verify that this is not my fault you can try the Popfly Facebook block which behaves the exact same way. In this case just click the retrieve authentication token again and you’ll be redirected to the right page.

If you later decide that you need to remove (I don’t know why you could decide such a thing ;-)) this application from your Facebook account all you’ll have to do is go to your privacy settings page then click the applications link, then the authorized applications one on the top and finally click the remove MySidebarBook link.

In this release you’ll also find a number of bug fixes and corrections as well. And as the number of people that have downloaded this gadget has increased dramatically I’ve also decided to implement a new update notification service that will notify users of newer versions as those become available in order to keep everyone synced.

Besides that, I’d love to hear your ideas and comments on how to make this gadget better, so if you’ve got the time drop me a line here so that we can talk about it.

Wow…two barriers have been broken…

  • I din’t see it earlier hut I’ve broken the 100 blog posts barrier. I guess I missed it because of all the fuss with myFacebook gadget and Popfly screencast
  • MyFacebook gadget has just been downloaded over 2000  times and in just 2 days time…

I couldn’t be happier… glad you like my work…

Some of you have been complaining about the authentication procedure of myFacebook gadget.

Well, don’t shoot the messenger… I’m just calling showModalDialog javascript function passing the apikey as querystring parameter to be authorized. Once authorized by facebook the gadget goes to the main page. I’m not responsible for anything that goes wrong on the facebook page. Usually things that could go wrong are caused by your browser security settings so a solution might be to put to your trusted sites zone.

Anyway I’m attaching a small video showing off how the 1st login should look like and hope that everything works out for you.

Video: myFacebook Gadget login