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Greek gadget competition 2007

Well it’s officially over. The Greek gadget competition is over and myFacebook gadget took third place.

Although third place corresponds to an HTC Touch smart phone I feel a bit disappointed as I believed that this gadget deserved better. The 23500 active facebook users and the 33450 downloads from live gallery kind of gave me hope for the first place. Guess I was wrong hugh?

So what I found out once again is that effort doesn’t always pay off, as if I left things to chance and didn’t call my friends for help, I probably would not even be in the first three.

Someone might argue though, isn’t that the case with all voting systems? The best doesn’t always win. Take the elections for example. Even the best candidate doesn’t always win (this does not imply that my participation was the best). UsuaIly it’s the one that has the best PR, makes the largest campaign and has the most support that gets elected for office.

Well that’s true but there’s one thing you can do to show your opposition to this kind of systems and that is you “don’t participate”. Guess I learned my lesson. So next time I want to participate at a competition I will first make sure that my work will be fairly judged before entering.

Anyway, many thanks to all of you guys that supported and voted for it.

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