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Privacy Policy Generator

For those of you that built Windows 8 applications one thing you’ll find out (probably the hard way as I did) is that you’ll need a Privacy Policy in order to publish your app to the Windows 8 app store. So if you don’t currently have those legal documents Termsfeed will come very handy as it is a free and web-based application for generating "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" documents on-the-fly.

termsfeedYou simply mention few variables like the company name, URL, etc. and get the output as a well-formatted HTML.

The documents created covers the most common stuff, you may want to customize it for you needs but they are a good starting point.

Also, optionally, Termsfeed can notify you when an update happens to the documents.

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    A privacy policy is a legal statement outlining the purpose of collection and use of personal data by an organisation. The purpose of privacy policy is to ensure transparency by disclosing certain information and obtain informed consent of the users whose data is being collected.

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