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C# 4.0 Parallel programming live meeting

Last Thursday I was given the opportunity to present my first live meeting. It was part 2 of a live meeting series organized by Microsoft to get people familiar with Visual Studio 2010 and .Net framework 4.0. I spoke about C# 4.0 and Parallel computing.

Things I covered included

  • C# 4.0 Language and compiler features
    Dynamic support, Named and optional parameters, Variance (CoVariants, ContraVariants), Office Programmability
  • Visual C# IDE featues
    Call Hierarchy, NavigateTo, Reference Highlighting, Generate from usage, Intellisence suggestion mode, Live Semantic Errors
  • and Parallel programming in Visual studio 2010
    Parallel API, Parallel Profiling, Parallel debugger, Concurrency visualizer in VS2010

It was a whole different experience from other events I’ve presented since the lack of live audience (they were online) kept me focused to the topics I wanted to present. Overall I think it went very well as people seemed to be very interested and stayed online to listen till the end of the meeting.

As usual I’m posting the slide deck and source code I’ve used in the presentation so that everyone can have a look and play with the new technologies. By the way the meeting was recoded and will be published shortly at, so if you missed it, visit the site.

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