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EF POCO Template update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Those of you that are interested in EF probably know by now by now that if you wanted to start playing around the new features of EF like POCO entities, Self tracking Entities and Code Only EF, you had to download and install EF4FeatureCTP2.exe.

Unfortunately the second CTP which was released last November, the update for Visual Studio 2010, was released without the POCO Template (the new code generation mechanism for EF relies on T4 mechanism) and raised a lot of debate and comments from developers.  Last week though the EF Team announced the Entity Framework POCO Template update for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, you can download the C# version here and the Visual Basic version here.

Besides being compatible with Beta 2, the new template includes a number of bug fixes, generated code improvements, handling of relationship fixup that includes support for Foreign Keys in the Model (see more details here about this new feature of Entity Framework) and compatibility with change tracking POCO Proxies and ObservableCollection<T>.

The POCO Template is not going to be part of Visual Studio 2010 in RTM. Instead the team’s plan is to continue to deliver updates for it through the Extension Manager and the Visual Studio Gallery.

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  1. Greg Greg

    Hi, could you please put the template online? Because it seems that the ADO.NET team has removed it, and I need this file…. Thanks ! (vsix or ttinclude)

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