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SQL Azure Explorer

FileDownload[1] If you have already started playing around SQL Azure you will have probably stumbled on the limitation the SQL Management studio has. So I think you’ll find SQL Azure Explorer rather useful till Microsoft synchronizes its toolset with the Azure platform.

SQL Azure Explorer is an addin for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 that will enable you to manage you SQL Azure Tables just live the Visual Studio Server explorer.

Some of the main features right now is:

  • SQL Azure Explorer which contains:
    • Databases
    • Tables with columns
    • Views with columns
    • Stored procedures with parameters
    • Functions with parameters
  • Context menus for:
    • Open SQL Editor Window
    • Select Top 100 Rows
    • Script as CREATE for all tables, views, stored procedures and functions
  • SQL Editor Window with built in:
    • SQL Execute
    • Off line parser
    • Script formatter
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