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myFacebook version is out.

As I already mentioned earlier, Facebook has recently removed the friends status RSS feed from its pages causing myFacebook gadget users a problem as they couldn’t easily configure myFacebook sidebar gadget to display friend statuses.

To resolve this issue I changed the way myFacebook gadget retrieved those statuses by removing the RSS feed and instead using the brand new Facebook Stream API, so in the new version, you no longer have to provide an RSS feed url. The only catch is that the specific API calls need the extended permission read_stream. Thus in order to use the new version of myFacebook gadget you’ll have to click the link on the gadget settings page and authorize it to retrieve your friend statuses through that API call.

To make it easier for you, I’ve recorded a small screen cast of how to download, install and configure myFacebook sidebar gadget.

Update: the streaming service is closed.

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  1. Brian Brian

    Everything works fine, except the Friends Status. It is up an running, however, it will only show 2 messages. The are not the most recent friends status updates and the are not the consecutive updates either – any ideas?

  2. That may happen when your stream contains items with no titles, as I don”t show stream items that don”t contain a title or a Medium name (if the stream item is a video for example).
    If you have any ideas on how to resolve that, I”m willing to change this behavior.

    P.S. Thanks for using it.

  3. As it turns out mySidebar gadget had a bug (that”s what happens when you write code at 3.00AM) which I fixed and I”ve already released a new version that resolves this issue. It”s going to be available as soon as approves it.
    Sorry for that, and thanks everyone for letting me know.

  4. Iwan Iwan

    Ok, this very good

  5. Iwan Iwan

    i”m like this bar……

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