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Multi touch Windows Desktop

Back on February 2007 I blogged about a prototype project of Human Productivity Lab, code named Bumptop and was claiming that we’re really not that far from seeing something like that becoming available for end-users.

Well today I found out that I wasn’t wrong. Bumptop is officially released and available in two versions a free one as well as a Pro one for a small fee. Check it out in the following video.

Now imagine that desktop running on Windows 7 at a multitouch screen 😉

Unfortunately I’m using the default windows 7 beta graphics card drivers so I wasn’t able to run it 🙁 but I’m going to try it tomorrow on a vista machine. Can’t wait….

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  1. Vassilis Ioannidis Vassilis Ioannidis

    Amazing work!!! Tried it already on my Vista laptop and works like a charm. It”s light and very cool!

    Kudos for your posting Kostas 😉

  2. That”s a great app, does it work on windows XP ?

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