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First IE8 beta 2 bug

I don’t remember this happening yesterday, but once I’ve started browsing with IE8 today I quickly discovered that I wasn’t able to open links in a new tab or window. Selecting open in new tab from the right-click context menu when clicking on a link caused a new tab to open with the title ‘Connecting…’, in the right tab color (tab grouping feature), but there was no address in the URL bar and the page never loaded while the open Link in New Window wasn’t doing anything at all.

What’s more I noticed that Windows Explorer (not IE) was always opening new folders in new windows even though I’ve had specifically set it to open new folders in the same explorer window.

Arghhh…. after running a few tests, running the browser in no add-on mode, and disabling features one by one I’ve discovered that both problems go away by turning IE8 quick tabs off.

Bug submitted here. Please rate it so that it gets fixed.

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  1. Panagiotis Kefalidis Panagiotis Kefalidis

    Runs fine here with all addons on. Maybe the cause is an outdated version of Flash or sth?

  2. The bug does not replicate in Vista x64 edition…

    New tabs open just fine!

    George J.

  3. @Panagiotis it”s not flash cause I run IE at no add-on mode and still had the same problems
    Of course it”s something I just don”t know what exactly that is.
    @George It does replicate on Vista x64 on occasion. Some guys in the forums who run Vista x64 had the same problem.

  4. MeToo MeToo

    I have exactly the same problem….

  5. Panagiotis Kefalidis Panagiotis Kefalidis

    Looks like George is right. I”m on Vista x64 and it works.”Crit” bug though, there is no way it”s gonna make it to RTM.

  6. Clark Clark

    I like IE8 Beta2 but cannot bring my Outlook Express mail by clicking on the mail icon. Anyone else had this problem? Also cannot use the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner.

  7. Unfortunately I haven”t got OneCare installed so I don”t know about that.
    As far as the mail feature is concerned, it works fine to me, although I”m using Microsoft Outlook as my email client.

  8. Clark Clark

    Re: Recent Post
    I mentioned that Outlook Express did not work with IE8 Beta 2. I have also installed Windows Live Mail which is supposed to work with IE8 Beta 2, but it also does not work. Anyone else had this problem. Everything else exept the safety scanner seems to work as of now.

  9. Franco Franco

    XP — If you are using Outlook Express with multiple identities do not install IE8; when changing to a different identity you won”t be able to edit new email or reply — I had to restore.

  10. ddd ddd

    so my bug is that it just do not start. it startes then suddenly crash.i even can not see it opened 😀

  11. Jag Jag

    Hello people, after installing IE8 Beta2 i cannot log into my hotmail account through Microsoft Outlook xp with front page (2002) SP3. I get a small login screen in outlook titled, “Internet E-mail – Hotmail” and below that it says, “Please enter your user name and password for the following server”? My username and password are all fine, checked it several times but no luck. I still get that dang annoying login screen everytime I try to “Send/Recieve” my hotmail account through outlook. My hotmail account in Outlook worked perfectely fine before I installed IE8 beta2. 🙁
    Please help me somebody? I can”t find any solution for this. I would really like to keep IE8 but i would hate to go back to IE6, yes i said IE6. Now you”ll understand……:(

  12. McMasters McMasters

    Glad to be back to IE7. With Vista it was easy to uninstall the the IE8 Beta2.
    Control Panel/Uninstall a Program/View Installed Updates
    I am a web developer and there were far too many bugs with my main machine. For what ever reason the “open in new tab” and “open in new window” did not work. I tried fix mentioned above and disabled every add on. Still no luck.
    I also noticed the “recent pages” drop down did not work.
    AND the BIZZARE issue with opening my folders in a new window with “windows explorer” was a real let down.

    For anyone attempting to try this BETA version with Vista, my experience says “give it a try” you can uninstall the update and it seems to work for most computers. For XP users I suggest “Beware” and do more research.
    So whether it was my software configuration or hardware I don”t know, nor will I ever know. I don”t have time to troubleshoot the issues.
    I can tell you that if any other software developer put out software with as many problems as a Microsoft product. You can be sure they would be out of business in no time. IMO Microsoft has too many departments and too many versions of the same product under development. It would be nice if Microsoft had just TWO operating systems, a 32bit version and a 64 bit version. Not 10 variations!!
    i.e. 5 editions of VISTA 32 bit and 5 editions of VISTA 64 bit.
    But that is for different post.

  13. tnrick tnrick

    re: Franco on 9/2/2008 7:54 PM . I appears as if switching identities will not log them off at the same time. Your OE users should “exit and log off identity” in place of switching identites until there is a fix. (I would not bet on it!) If one does not, msimn.exe continues and OE is impared.

  14. Larry Rosenberg Larry Rosenberg

    IE8 worked ok on my 32 bit XP Pro box. What didn”t work well after installing IE8 is outlook express. I noticed that after downloading new emails they appeared empty. When I exited and re-ran OE, the emails contents were there. Next time I ran it, same thing. Also, the fonts were way too small in OE and I couldn”t override them and make them larger. Since I couldn”t resolve the issues, I am now back on IE7 and OE is fine again.

  15. Antonio Antonio

    Hi, I”ve installed IE8 and I have the same issue of the folders being opened in new windows. Also, the drive where Vista is installed lost the icon indicating that. And what is worse, I have another partition with the drive letter D, where, in the root doesn”t show any name for any folder.

    I tried to run IE8 in admin mode, run it normally, etc. and the issues don”t go away. Any sugestions?

  16. philip dinham philip dinham

    I have installed ie8 beta2 on xp pro sp3 32bits
    The read mail icon in command bar will not work.
    I reinstalled and still not working.Defult mail outlook express.
    Can anyone help?

  17. Christian Christian

    Same behaviour here with Vista x64.
    First time I reinstalled IE8 and it then worked again. But after installing SQL Server Express SP3 (strange – I know!) I have the same problems again. This time reinstalling IE8 didnt help.

  18. Steve Steve

    I have the same problem with tabs.
    Just downloaded and installed the RELEASE version yesterday, March 19 2008, why is this problem still exist in the final release version??

  19. CR CR

    I have had the exact same problem, and I didn”t install IE8 until the final release. XP, 32-bit, tried disabling all add-ons. Tried uninstall-reinstall, tried Restore Default, tried disabling AVG, tried uncheck Autodetect Proxy. Finally unchecked Quick Tabs and the problem went away.

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