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Cool Silverlight applications

You must all have seen by now the popular “Turning the Pages” British Library application. It’s probably one of the most impressive WPF applications, one that has been developed by Microsoft in partnership between the British Library and Armadillo Systems.

“The British Library have digitized the pages of fifteen of their most valuable works and created Turning the Pages, a browser-based WPF application that allows you to interact with these books in a virtual environment from the comfort of your home. You can open a book on your desktop and by clicking on a page, physically turn it in a 3D environment.”

What you probably don’t know is that this application has been recreated using Silverlight. Of course the experience is not the same as the one you can live with the WPF Version. The turning of the pages, for example, is done in 2D (as Silverlight has no support for 3D yet) and there is no refinement on the page when you zoom in on the page as there is in the WPF one. It’s clear advantage though is that it brings this experience on multiple platforms and not just the Windows one.

You can check out the WPF Version at, while the Silverlight Version can be found at

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