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Worst week ever

This past week has been the worst. First my external HD crashed taking my precious data with it and then a day later my car was broken into and my laptop was removed from its trunk.

Thankfully my car was insured thus I didn’t have to pay for the damage but its content wasn’t šŸ™

So I’m back to square one, no data or computer other than that at office. I’ve given my external disk on a Data Recovery company and I just pray that they’ll manage to rescue at least my family pictures. And I’ve already started searching for a new laptop so any suggestions are most welcomed.


If someone could find his soul mate (a woman that randomly met on the subway for just a single moment) from a blog post may be I can find my laptop as well…

So if you’ve seen someone breaking a car on Tuesday 11th of December from 21.00 to 24.00 here let me know…

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