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Connecting to the web

Today I had to visit Nafplio for some family business. So I’ve spend all day yesterday searching on the Internet for available public wireless hotspots which I could use in order to connect to the Internet. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything, so I’ve decided that at the worst case I could use my mobile phone’s GPRS connection to connect to the Internet for a little while (GPRS costs a lot in Greece). After finishing my business though I’ve decided to go WiFi fishing. So I walked around the city using my QTEK 9100 WiFi network open searching for open Wireless routers. To my surprise I found at least 10 WiFi network connections and what’s more interesting? Only 2 of them were secured. So I’ve sat to a coffee shop on Nafplio’s port feeling the sun and the light breeze listening to music and watching Burtzi castle while surfing the web at the same time. Probably the best surfing experience ever… If you don’t believe me see for your self…

p.s. I’ve read today at ?? ??? that some say that WiFi connections might be as dangerous as mobile phones are. What’s your opinion? Should we use it?

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