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Why Blend C# code editing was removed?

I’ve used Microsoft’s Expression Blend to play… ehmmm… write my WPF apps since its first beta release. It seemed more mature than Visual Studio at the time (and still is in my opinion). Among other things, I really loved the fact that I could double click on a control and Blend created the event handling code (Visual Studio still does not support it). So, no surprise, I’ve downloaded and installed the RC version as soon as it came out.
Well it seems that some things have changed, like the fact that you’re no longer able to write C# with Blend. When you try to add an event handler to a control or type some C# code for your WPF app Blend gives you the option of either opening up Visual Studio or copying the code to the clipboard.
I wonder why this feature was removed from Blend.
Anyone has any ideas?

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  1. One feature I find very important and that”s still missing is the ability to easily export something from Expression Design to Expression Blend. Right now copy pasting doesn”t work, and exporting to xaml and getting it correctly on the page can be a pretty convoluted process.Is it just me or is there no easy way to move across these two products?

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