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WOW Week

Several events occurred this week making it a truly WOW week:

Microsoft’s much awaited, new operating system, Windows Vista, was finally launched.

British Library published a great WPF application that presents old historical books. The user experience is so rich that you think you’re actually holding the book. I think I had already seen a demo of this app on Mix06, but nothing compares with the real thing.

A few days after the final release of Microsoft’s Ajax library, MS opened up its Source Code under the Microsoft Reference License (Ms-RL).

Microsoft released a new version of its browser enhancement module that enables browsers to render rich content in addition to HTM codename “WPF/E”. Note, that you’ll need the new February CTP release to run WPF/E applications since the previous version has a time bomb that disables it.

After installing the February CTP of WPF/E take a look at a simulation of the Vista Aero interface from inside your Web browser. [Thanks Savas]

And since we’re talking about desktops, have a look at the future of the desktop as the Human Productivity Lab imagines it. SO COOL!

Speaking of WOW experiences, send your WOW and get a chance to win a computer from Microsoft. Haven’t seen any Greek submissions so far. Are we not interested?

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