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Summertime and the leaving is easy…

No I haven’t left for vacation yet but I am this weekend. It’s my first real vacation for over two years now since I’ll be gone for three whole weeks.

So I’ve started thinking on what to pack and I have to admit that I’d almost forgotten how hard it is to prioritize and pack all the things you need on a family vacation. Beyond the clothes, which you need if you don’t plan on running around naked 😉  my laptop, Qtek pocket pc (with  egress installed to keep up with my feeds), PSP , Digital Camera and a couple of books on .Net Framework 3.0 come top on my pack list. Of course none of these gizmos work without power so I’ll have to pack their chargers too. Now add to that my wife’s and 13 months old son’s things [which by the way are a lot] and I think that you’ll agree with me when I say that going on vacation with your family requires a lot of patience (and a truck 😉 when packing.

Aside that I’m extremely happy that I’ll have the chance to rest and relax for three weeks. My plan is to spend two weeks on Nafplion and one on Pilio. I will try [as humanly possible] to keep you updated with photos from the places I visit [internet connections outside Athens are rare and slow and I don’t intend to spend a fortune on mobile GPRS connections], as well as post my impressions on this blog.

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