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What a great honor this is, I’m featured at the home page of the Greek MSDN site ;-).


First let me say have a happy new Year full of happiness and successes to everyone.

It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’ve decided to take some time off and spend Christmas and New Year with my family this year. It’s been great, I got a chance to play with my son a lot, visit Amfikleia a small village on the foot of Parnassos mountain, where we got to stay in a horse farm and build snowmen and play snow fights on Parnassos Ski Center

IMGP0011 IMGP0058 

Now I’m back though with a crave for more blog posts. So stay tuned, coming up next Windows 7 adventures.

MVP Open Day

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Today I had the chance to meet with my fellow MVPs and our lead Alessandro Teglia on the first Greek MVP open day.

It’s an event that is meant to bring MVPs closer, motivate us and give us an opportunity to meet and discuss the community and MVP program problems but most of all have fun.

It was really fun, we talked about several things and all I have to say is that really cool things are coming really really soon. Anyway I really enjoyed networking with all these great people and hope that we’ll have the chance to do something similar really soon.

I finally managed to find an hour to update my blog engine to the latest release of Subtext (Subtext 2.0).

Migration was smooth and had no trouble at all running the new engine in a matter of minutes. For detailed instruction on the migration steps, this is probably all you’ll need.

Of course my old skin does not work with the new engine so I’ve decided to use one of the pre-built ones till I get something mine on ;-).

Let me know, if you notice any problems. Keep on blogin …

Checking my blog comments yesterday I found a new one that advertised a sidebar gadget that claimed to present Facebook information on Windows Vista Sidebar.

Naturally I’ve downloaded it and installed it on my machine to check it out. Being curious (rather suspected I might also add) I’ve taken a peek to this gadget’s source code. 

As I suspected, this guy not only has copied most of myFacebook sidebar gadget‘s code, not only he’s making profit out of it by selling commercial space on it, but he has the nerve to post a comment to my blog, letting me know about it.

I’m currently investigating my legal options, to determine what’s the best way to handle this. Anyone any ideas?

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… when you see something like that in your airplane front seat display?

Till today I’ve been to a number of Technical events and to be honest the ending had always been a bit boring. Most of the good sessions were over, all of the announcements had been made and most of the attendees had gone shopping or to sleep instead of attending.

Well that’s not the case with the MVP Summit. The closing sessions were probably what everyone expected I guess. The guys that are taking over from BillG, namely Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer shared their vision for the future of IT and let us in on the company’s strategy for the years to come. For me this was the first time to see and hear Steve Ballmer live and I must confess that it’s something one has to see to believe.

seattle_andreas 028

I know I promised to keep you up to date with all the tings going on at the MVP summit and I know I haven’t kept my promise, but things have been pretty hectic and I didn’t want to miss anything from the sessions. So to make it up here’s a set of pictures that will give you a small idea on what went on. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words as they say… 😉

Windows Live Spaces

Stay tuned, more coming…

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