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Till today I’ve been to a number of Technical events and to be honest the ending had always been a bit boring. Most of the good sessions were over, all of the announcements had been made and most of the attendees had gone shopping or to sleep instead of attending.

Well that’s not the case with the MVP Summit. The closing sessions were probably what everyone expected I guess. The guys that are taking over from BillG, namely Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer shared their vision for the future of IT and let us in on the company’s strategy for the years to come. For me this was the first time to see and hear Steve Ballmer live and I must confess that it’s something one has to see to believe.

seattle_andreas 028

I know I promised to keep you up to date with all the tings going on at the MVP summit and I know I haven’t kept my promise, but things have been pretty hectic and I didn’t want to miss anything from the sessions. So to make it up here’s a set of pictures that will give you a small idea on what went on. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words as they say… 😉

Windows Live Spaces

Stay tuned, more coming…

ASP.Net vs MVC

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seattle_1 012My first day at Seattle is officially over. The day began with the super Sean O’Driscoll’s keynote and continued with a series of open discussion sessions between MVPs.

The first one that I participated was on ASP.Net Webform development and the new MVC framework. From the discussion I realized that a lot of people consider MVC as the future web development technology, one that will eventually replace ASP.Net Webform development. They see those two technologies as opposing one another, while in my opinion MVC Framework is just another tool that developers can take advantage of in order to satisfy specific sets of requirements.

OK, as far as productivity is concerned ASP.NET is currently better than MVC (dragging a GridView in a designer is far easier than hand-coding it in HTML) but I believe that that’s something temporary till Microsoft releases the official version of the Framework. On the other hand, some argued that MVC is better since you can can develop web applications that are more Testable, agile and so forth but I believe that that is the case only when you’ve poorly designed the Webform one. You can build models, Controllers and Views without necessarily using MVC framework by just following some patterns. So the key factor that should guide your decision to choose one over the other should be wether or not you need the full Page lifecycle, event model, Viewstate and so on or just a simpler model to present the data.

Next I followed a discussion on ORM’s where a lot of interesting ideas, and tools (like Linq To SQL, IdeaBlade, and Entity framework, were discussed and compared. Unfortunately it wasn’t as technical as I expected, so I’m still pretty excited to meat Daniel Simmons tomorrow and discuss various issues with him. And the day closed with the Competency Teams Receptions and Regional Teams launch.

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