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patterns The patterns & practices team plans to create some new Web guidance and we needs our help prioritizing the requirements through a survey that went live.

They have split the effort into 2 projects.

The first project will be to update the Web Client Software Factory (WCSF) to run on Visual Studio 2010.

The second project will take a fresh look at creating new Web Guidance.

Your feedback from the survey will help define the scope for this second project.

If you ever used patterns and practices building blocks you’ll know how useful those are. So, go take the survey and help define the patterns.


As I already mentioned earlier, Facebook has recently removed the friends status RSS feed from its pages causing myFacebook gadget users a problem as they couldn’t easily configure myFacebook sidebar gadget to display friend statuses.

To resolve this issue I changed the way myFacebook gadget retrieved those statuses by removing the RSS feed and instead using the brand new Facebook Stream API, so in the new version, you no longer have to provide an RSS feed url. The only catch is that the specific API calls need the extended permission read_stream. Thus in order to use the new version of myFacebook gadget you’ll have to click the link on the gadget settings page and authorize it to retrieve your friend statuses through that API call.

To make it easier for you, I’ve recorded a small screen cast of how to download, install and configure myFacebook sidebar gadget.

Update: the streaming service is closed.