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Protected: .Net Framework 3.5 breaks ASP.NET 2.0 web sites!

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Protected: Building Facebook applications

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Protected: Building table web layouts without tables

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Woohoo this year I’ll be helping at TechEd 2007. I volunteered to help at an “Ask The Expert” booth earlier last month and yesterday I received an email confirming my participation.

So if you’re planning on attending this TechEd come chat with me ;-). See you all there…

P.S. If you still haven’t seen it, check this TechEd flyer 😉


Once the Greek elections 2007 Silverlight graph was ready, it was really simple putting it to a sidebar gadget. So I’ve built one and upload it to live gallery (in The approval process though will take some time and my guess is that it won’t be approved in time for the elections this afternoon, so I might as well post it here…

Gadget Thus if you’re looking for a way to have one or more election result graphs right in your Vista desktop you can download the Greek elections 2007 from here, just rename it to Election2007.gadget and install it on your sidebar.

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I recently developed a couple of custom popfly blocks in order to create a popfly mashup (you’ll learn more about it this weekend ;-)).

During development I spent quite some time figuring out why although I was making changes to my blocks, these changes weren’t instantly reflected on my mashup. Then it stroke me, popfly mashups use the latest opened block version. Any changes made to a block after mashup was closed won’t be reflected on it.

This can be troublesome for someone that has developed his own blocks as you’ll have to open and save all mashups that use these blocks anytime you make a change. But imagine being a third party block consumer, you wouldn’t like having your mashup broken just because someone else decided to change his block now would you?

It’s all about tradeoffs I guess…

It’s been four months since I received my Popfly invite but haven’t really been able to do anything on it due to lack of time. Looking for Silverlight applications yesterday though I happened to bump into it and remembered that I already had an account so I decided to check it out. Well it seems that a lot have changed since the last time I’ve used it although the project is still in its Alpha phase.

popflyFirst of all the user interface is completely revamped. It now loads up much faster and resembles more an office application than a web one.

Aside the obvious look and feel changes a lot of cool new features were added like:

A new web page designer that not only enables to choose between a large number of different styles and themes but also enables you to add your shared mashups to the page with the press of a button.

The Tweaking feature. Easier than ripping someone else’s project, tweaking enables you to change basic properties of that project and save it. For example, if see a great mashup that uses photos of cats, but you want to see dogs, you can now do it without needing to rip the entire project.

PopflyHomeFacebook integration. Before, Popfly would publish a link to your profile  page. Now you can embed an entire application. (Soon you’ll see my applications on my facebook profile 😉 )

JavaScript intellisence on the code editor when creating blocks.

The platform is far from complete, events are missing for example. I’d like to be able to call a block’s method when an event (e.g. user presses a button) is triggered on another block. This though does not mean that Popfly isn’t developing into a great platform for effortless and with no need of special skills development of Silverlight applications, mashups and web pages.

Can’t wait for the next version…

I rarely have the time to read a 10 page article or watch a full length Webcast, I usually prefer nuggets when I want to discover new technologies and explore hot developer topics since they only last 10-15 minutes.

So if you’re into Silverlight here’s a list of nuggets so that you can catch up:

Silverlight Streaming : Silverlight Streaming is a hosted service at which provides developers and content creators the ability to host Silverlight content on …

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Silverlight – Debugging between Mac and Windows : An unusual nugget in that it was recorded on a MacBook Pro. It demonstrates the concept of debugging a Silverlight application running on Safari from a Visual Studio (on Windows) developer machine. This …

Silverlight – Using Ink : A brief introduction to using an InkPresenter element to receive ink based input from users. First, we introduce the InkPresenter element in XAML and follow-up with the code (C#) to capture and process …

Silverlight – Accessing HTML from managed code : Silverlight enables developers to access the host HTML from managed code. This is an extremely powerful feature which can be used to create seamless experiences between the HTML and Silverlight UI. …

Silverlight 1.1 Programming – Full Screen : In this nugget we show you how to make a Silverlight application break outside the ‘chrome’ of the browser and take up the complete screen. This is very useful for applications which require more desktop …

MSDN Roadshow 2007 Silverlight Demo : This nugget is a screen cast of the Silverlight demo delivered during the rich client session on the MSDN Roadshow 2007.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Linq’s final release with Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 and great tools have already started coming to life.

A great one I discovered from SoCalDevGal is the LinqPad – a Linq query expression tool which allows you to run queries against databases using Linq.

If you’re exploring Linq this is a great tool.