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When I did my presentation on WPF/e (SilverLight) a few weeks back everyone kept asking about the tools and the controls they could use in order to develop silverlight applications. Unfortunately at the time there realy wasn’t anything ready they could use, so I kept saying that in the future control vendors will startpublishing tools for it.

Thankfully control vendors are indeed starting to build software (tools – controls) to support SilverLight, Telerik leading with its RadControls (Button, Cube, Media & StripLayoutPanel). At least next time I will have some examples to give when presenting ;-).

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Finally the project I’ve been working for the last year has gone Live.

The project had to do with the semi-automatic digitizing of newspapers and magazines from their raw form (PDF or postscript files) into rich fully decomposed digital content and the creation of new services that would consume this content.

Two of these services have gone live, specifically and, but more are going to go live soon. I feel congats are appropriate to everyone that participated in the project.

As for the future services I really can’t say more, except that the engine is so powerful and the content so rich that you’ll going to be amazed… 😉

Quite a few people have already started talking about UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs) on the web, Panos included. I agree that it’s time we start putting our money on convincing fashion industry to grow clothes pockets 😉

Grow pockets

As promised, I’m publishing 1.3 minutes (I couldn’t post more as they get pretty large pretty quick) of video footage from each developer session (sorry Marios I didn’t have enough tape to get your session too, I promise I will be more prepared next time) of the Live the web developer’s day event.

Web 2.0: Breaking news session part 1 and part2

WPF/E: Impress the Web session part 1 and part 2

AJAX-enabled sites? Piece of cake! session part 1 and part 2


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