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For those interested on how did my first presentation go, it went really well despite my initial stress and nervousness. I really enjoyed it and now can’t wait till the next time I’ll be given the opportunity to speak in front of an audience ;-).
You can find out what I talked about by downloading my presentation slides and demo source code (which includes the video ;-)).
I’m also going to post some video parts of the presentations (yes I had my camera with me but run out of film) when I find time to download and encode them from my camera (Panos is also in ;-)).

So far I’ve been using my blog’s management console to write my blog posts, which was a pane since I had to write my post in Word (to spell check my post), then paste it into notepad (to remove word formatting) and finally paste it to my blog’s web management console. Yesterday though a friend reminded me of Live writer which I didn’t use because my old custom blog engine didn’t support it (it didn’t expose the MetablogApi). Since the.Text engine that I use now supports it, I will start posting using Live writer.

P.S. I’m also considering moving my blog to SubText but haven’t found time to implement my skin for it so till then I’m going to stick to .Text.

One of the things I enjoy, is talking with fellow developers on new technologies passing on things I know. So I was thrilled with joy when I was given the opportunity to talk to a Microsoft event next week. So this Tuesday on the 27th of March I’ll be talking about WPF/e on Microsoft’s Dev Day Live the Web season 2.0.
I was so happy about it, that I’ve emailed everyone I know about it telling them to register for the event. If for any weird reason you were left out, don’t wait, seats are filling up, register now. I’ll be more than happy to see you there.

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I’ve used Microsoft’s Expression Blend to play… ehmmm… write my WPF apps since its first beta release. It seemed more mature than Visual Studio at the time (and still is in my opinion). Among other things, I really loved the fact that I could double click on a control and Blend created the event handling code (Visual Studio still does not support it). So, no surprise, I’ve downloaded and installed the RC version as soon as it came out.
Well it seems that some things have changed, like the fact that you’re no longer able to write C# with Blend. When you try to add an event handler to a control or type some C# code for your WPF app Blend gives you the option of either opening up Visual Studio or copying the code to the clipboard.
I wonder why this feature was removed from Blend.
Anyone has any ideas?

Now that is something worth blogging about, Patrick started his blog. Glad to see you on board Patrick.
Subscribed of course.