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Storyboarding can save you time

It is human nature to jump right into a project without spending the necessary preparation time to ensure success. They say that 80% of the effort painting a room is preparation (laying the tarps, cleaning the walls, taping the trim, etc.). This is also the case when developing applications. If you don’t properly storyboard the applications you hope to create and instead simply start clicking away in the software, you will inevitably run into road blocks and discover that the way you are building your application will not work. You would then have to backtrack and try again and this process could repeat itself many times over.

storyboardingBy gathering the application stakeholders and sitting in front of a whiteboard, you can map out the application design and sequence of events the user will experience. If done properly, when the time comes to build the application, you will have a clear set of “instructions” for how to proceed.

Till today I’ve tried a number of different tools to document these storyboards and communicate them between the stakeholders, but none of them compares to the new Storyboarding plugin of PowerPoint 2013. With it I can easily and accurately storyboard applications for all the latest Microsoft platforms like windows mobile 7 and Windows 8.

If you haven’t tried it yet you should definitely give it a shot. To learn how to use it you can try this exercise

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