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December’s edition of the Greek PCMagazine is out and in it you’ll find my latest article on how to develop lean – mean web mashups, even without having to write code, for your web site using Microsoft Popfly. So if you’re interested go grab it at your local news stand.

Wow…two barriers have been broken…

  • I din’t see it earlier hut I’ve broken the 100 blog posts barrier. I guess I missed it because of all the fuss with myFacebook gadget and Popfly screencast
  • MyFacebook gadget has just been downloaded over 2000  times and in just 2 days time…

I couldn’t be happier… glad you like my work…

Working with popfly for the 2007 elections silverlight graph gave me a fare ground of understanding on using and developing with Popfly. So I thought why not  share this by making my first official screencast.

I’m glad to say that it’s now complete and you can see it from here:

Video: Create Rich Web Content Using Popfly

I need to apologize for the video quality, but this was the only way I could publish it. I’m still looking though for other places where I could post the high quality screencast (If you know a place please contact me).

So stay tuned…

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I recently developed a couple of custom popfly blocks in order to create a popfly mashup (you’ll learn more about it this weekend ;-)).

During development I spent quite some time figuring out why although I was making changes to my blocks, these changes weren’t instantly reflected on my mashup. Then it stroke me, popfly mashups use the latest opened block version. Any changes made to a block after mashup was closed won’t be reflected on it.

This can be troublesome for someone that has developed his own blocks as you’ll have to open and save all mashups that use these blocks anytime you make a change. But imagine being a third party block consumer, you wouldn’t like having your mashup broken just because someone else decided to change his block now would you?

It’s all about tradeoffs I guess…