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0009It’s been almost a month since this year’s ITPro|DevConnections and it’s been at least a couple of weeks since this post has been sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be published. A lot of things have changed this summer (but this is the topic of another post) and things have been pretty hectic so I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogging. And haven’t been able to tell you all about this years’ ITPro|DevConnections.

For those of you that are still not aware of what ITPro|DevConnections is, every year around November the IT professionals community,, in cooperation with the developers’ community,, present a two days event with lots of parallel tracks! The event has been running for four years now, each year with more success. During these two days we get to speak a lot about all the cutting edge Microsoft technologies meet and discuss with fellow professionals and generally have a great time.  If you speak Greek then you can also hear how the event was captured by one of the largest TV networks in Greece (ANT1)

To organize for these two days we spend the whole year around planning and preparing for it. As well as try to find the necessary funds, as nothing is free, to minimize the risk of having to put money from our pocket. It comes without saying that it requires a lot of energy and it can get really stressful at times but it gets very rewarding at the end.

This year, around 600 IT professionals and developers attended the event, making it the largest community organized event in Greece. Although we faced a number of issues during the event, I believe that everyone was satisfied at the end with the quality of the content offered. Surely we’re learning from our mistakes and we’ll make ITPro|DevConnections even better next year.

My Session this year was about searching in the cloud. Boost your searching with Windows Azure.

Talking with a lot of customers I’ve discovered that one of the major pain points when developing or migrating their applications to Windows Azure is searching. A large majority currently used SQL Server Full Text Search for searching text in their database. Unfortunately SQL Server Full Text Search is not currently supported in Windows Azure. So in my session we explored our searching options and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

You can find my slide deck here…

I’m looking forward for next years event.

What an honor being part of this team running the largest Tech event in Greece.

Preparations for this year’s event have started.

Stay tuned…

TechEdEurope2013Great news arrived this week, I’ve been selected to participate as a product subject matter expert for Windows Azure at TechEd Europe which takes place in Madrid this year from the 25th till the 28th of June. So I’ll be available if you want to discuss about Windows Azure, web and windows 8 app development, or anything you’d like to know about Microsoft technologies in general.

Drop me a line if you’re planning to visit TechEd as well to get together and have a beer.

IMGP1500Last week I attended TechEd Europe 2012 held in Amsterdam. This was my 6th TechEd but my first time in Amsterdam and the experience was, as always, great.

Although there weren’t any announcements (the announcements were made earlier this month) most of the content presented had something new to teach, a small surprise for every delegate as I regularly said. The topics I found most interesting were about Microsoft’s Windows Azure IaaS WP_000054offerings, Windows 8 development and Big Data and SQL Azure Federations.

Of course TechEd, as most Microsoft events, is one of the best Networking opportunities. During my week there I got to meet a lot of interesting and very smart people.

On Tuesday I had a very insightful private Q&A session with Jason Zander – Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio. and later the same day Mark Brown who runs the Windows Azure insiders program held a party for all Azure Insiders where I got the chance to meet famous colleagues like Wade Wegner, Steve Marx, Nuno Filipe Godinho and so many more.

AzaxFieldPanoramaWednesday was the TechEd delegates party. This year the party was held at the home stadium of Ajax football team where we got to watch the Spain – Portugal Euro semifinal game, eat pizza and hot dogs and drink beer (best party ever!).

Thursday and Friday the Greek delegates got together for drinks and on Saturday I got to attend a Train The Trainer event on Windows Azure and had a wonderful time having a Cruise Barbeque at he the Amsterdam Canales with my fellow Azure trainers.

Now that TechEd 2012 is over… I can’t wait for next year. Till then vaarwel…

A couple of weeks back I had the chance to speak at a Microsoft Dev Day event about all the cool new features announced for windows azure June release and especially those that had to do with IaaS. The room was packed and everyone seemed very interested on these long awaited new features.

I had two sessions and I’m uploading the slide decks I used as promised.

In depth Infrastructure as a service

where I talked about Persistent VMs, Linux on Azure, Active Directory and SharePoint on Azure

Other new services

Where I talked about the new Portal, Windows Azure Media Services, Hadoop and  SQL Azure Federations


As you can see, with the vast number of services offered there is nothing that can not be hosted in Windows Azure so there is absolutely no reason any more for not using it.

Try the 90 day free trial and find out for your self.


Microsoft patterns & practices symposiums are held regularly in the U.S. and abroad, with top speakers on current topics. Most of the speakers are from Microsoft patterns & practices (p&p) team. The event is aimed primarily at software architects, developers, and technical managers. Patterns & practices develops applied engineering guidelines to help software developers and architects build great solutions on the Microsoft platform.
The April 24th online p&p symposium program 2012 will include keynote sessions and technical sessions focusing on building scalable applications in Azure, mobile development, node.js, CQRS, .NET Gadgeteer and a general overview of p&p roadmap.*

Planned Schedule: *


All sessions will be streamed live, but we will also record them all for those unable to attend the event.

* Currently planned and approved sessions. Topics and times subject to change. All times pacific.

Twitter hashtag #pnpsym

WM7.5 Hackathon

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This weekend I had a chance to participate in the first Athens Windows Mobile 7.5 Hackathon. This was the first time Microsoft hosted an event that aimed in helping and encouraging developers in building actual applications and I have to say that I was really impressed with the participation and outcome.

I’m guessing that more than 150 developers patiently attended the whole two days event, listened to 20 mini tutorial style sessions and finally 32 of them came up with very interesting ideas and application for the windows mobile platform, although some of my favorite applications didn’t make the top 6 (I guess my criteria are different from the judging committee one’s Smile).

If you didn’t make it, you can catch a glimpse of what happened from the following image gallery.

I was assigned three slots where I presented

  • Application Bar & System tray
  • Isolated Storage
  • Launchers and Choosers
  • Live Tiles & Push notifications

You can find the slide decks as well as the demo code I used here:

WebSiteLogoV3If you liked the IT Pro | Dev Connections 2010 … get ready to upgrade to version 2011! The technical community of Greek IT professionals,, in cooperation with the relevant community of developers,, are joining forces once again and will present an event with five parallel catting edge technical tracks!

The event is exclusively focused on professionals and developers who don’t want to lose time in presentations of products with information that can be found on the Internet.

I’m also going to participate in the event with a talk which is going to be titled

The Producer(s) – the most outrageous $1.000.000 scheme in the annals of… Windows Azure”

Here’s a small teaser of where the idea came from Smile (more will follow)

Looking forward to seeing you there at the 26th and 27th of November 2011 in the Educational Centre of the National Bank of Greece!

Yesterday I had the chance to talk about the Microsoft Windows Azure platform for a Microsoft hosted developers’ event called devdays.

I met and had a chance to chat with a lot of new faces which was very inspiring, as this means that more people become interested about cloud computing and Microsoft’s offering in this area, as time passes. What is more interesting is that many of them did not come from a Microsoft Computing background.

For those of you that couldn’t make it yesterday, I’m posting

my slide deck

and demos

Soon you’ll also be able to watch the recorded session from

I had the chance to speak at a Microsoft event this month (on April 6th) about the new mobile phone development platform unfortunately and due to my blog maintenance I wasn’t able to blog about it. Now that everything is back in order though, I can let you know about it and share some of the event’s content with you.

The event had three sessions and a demo fest where developers presented their applications.

On the first session Dimitris Gkanatsios gave an intro to the platform and spoke about the Pivot control, sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Vibration), HTML parsing, WCF, Media Library, Navigation, Launchers and choosers, Isolated Storage and briefly talked about the market place and how can someone upload an application.

On the second one I got to speak on more advanced topics like Data Binding, Panorama Pages, RSS, Video, Notifications, Application Bars, Application Lifecycle, and the Web Browser control. You can find my slide deck here.

The third session was about XNA and how someone can use it to build killer gaming apps in 2D and 3D for WP7and was given by Ioanins Panagopoulos.

In the demo fest slot I got the chance to speak about the news application I’ve developed for that is going to be published really soon.





If you missed the event, don’t worry you can still watch most of the sessions videos at really soon.