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KathimeriniAs our company name “Techaholics” clearly suggests we are addicted with technology, whenever a new technology is introduced we’re the first to check it out and use it in our software. So when Microsoft announced its Cloud Computing platform, we almost immediately started exploring it. It didn’t take us long to see the huge business opportunity, so we’ve decided that we’re also all in Smile.

We’ve started working on making all our software Cloud Enabled. We’ve worked hard, hit a few walls, had fun, learned a lot, managed to earn the MVP (Most valuable professional) award from Microsoft on Windows Azure and were able to produce ContentCommander.

ContentCommander is an enterprise level Content Management and E-Commerce platform that is the first in Greece (and among the few rest in Europe) that fully supports Microsoft Windows Azure. It’s designed using the ten year accumulated experience of working with similar systems discovering their strengths and weaknesses and built with a clear focus and target on cutting edge Microsoft Technologies.

Today we were very happy to see that our efforts on the particular area, were recognized by Microsoft in a full page article at the economy section of one of the largest Greek Newspapers, namely Kathimerini.

Yesterday I had the chance to talk about the Microsoft Windows Azure platform for a Microsoft hosted developers’ event called devdays.

I met and had a chance to chat with a lot of new faces which was very inspiring, as this means that more people become interested about cloud computing and Microsoft’s offering in this area, as time passes. What is more interesting is that many of them did not come from a Microsoft Computing background.

For those of you that couldn’t make it yesterday, I’m posting

my slide deck

and demos

Soon you’ll also be able to watch the recorded session from

Are you anxiously waiting this years Champions League final game between Barcha and MU? Well this doesn’t even come close to the ultimate football game of the year.


Can’t wait to see Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Rouney, Giggs and Nani? Why bother, when you’ll get the once in a lifetime chance to see stars like djsolid, hyper-vangelis, spantos, ipplos, gvarakis, dstellakis, grandpa and others on the field.

Don’t miss it!!!

CaptureHow do you handle exceptions in your live web app?

Windows Event Logs?

Log files on the web server?

Log tables on a relational database?

Are you using an exception handling framework?

Of course not….. why bother when you can let your users know what the exception was and how they can exploit it to bring your system down?!!!!!