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A few months back I’ve started working with Giorgio Sardo on a Facebook IE8 Web Slice.

In fact there were a few people that already were aware of that and have been bugging me for the download link 😉 since my TechEd 2009 interview and my IE8 talk at Microsoft Dev Days where I’ve shown just a glimpse of it.

Well your wait is over, yesterday Microsoft officially released a set of very useful IE8 addons that target Facebook at the IE addons site that include the Facebook Web Slice.


I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am to see this going live. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

I’ve just rebooted from a Windows update only to find at my startup screen the following window.

Browser windows 7 

And I am wondering do other OSes have something similar …

Last week I had the chance to talk about strating up with SQL Azure on a Microsoft’s Developers Day event. The things I’ve talked about included: How to create your database on the cloud, querying data, migrating Databases to SQL Azure. Tips and Tricks: SQL Azure firewall through API, Managing connections, Logging sessionId’s, Throttling and latency, Transactions, Supportability.

Overall the event (I think) went great, people seemed excited about this new technology and had a lot of questions (which is always nice as it shows interest).

For all of you that didn’t have the opportunity to come listen about windows Azure live, the content has been uploaded on the TechDays site. You can find about SQL Azure and download my Slide deck and sample code from here