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Last week I was asked by to give an interview about the MVP program. is a Microsoft community blog focused mainly in the middle east region. It contains lots of valuable information and they’re currently running a section called “Interview with Microsoft Most Valuable professionals” which features a lot of interesting people. So when asked to participate I jumped to the opportunity, even though things have been pretty hectic lately (starting your own business can be really time consuming, believe me).

The interview was published the day before yesterday and you can find it here, I think you’ll find it interesting, especially if you’re interested in joining the program ;-).

1_thumb The data connection builder dialog is a database tool component that’s included in Visual Studio and helps you build a connection string to a database.

Last week though the standalone source code was published at, so that anyone can use it to build a data con2_2nections independently of Visual Studio. According to the license, you can integrate and redistribute the source code with your application.

With the data connection dialog, you can perform following tasks:

  • Build/Modify connection strings.
  • Customize the data connection dialog.
  • Write your own custom data providers.