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There were quite a few questions on my last Silverlight talk about Silverlight support in various Linux Distros.

Well today I read that a first source code release was made publicly available in order to encourage developers start playing with it.

To try out Moonlight, you have two options:

  • Media codecs: you must do your own build from source code.
  • No-media codecs: we provide one-click addins for Firefox that will install with no effort.

Firefox addins are available from

Source code for Moonlight is available from here. To compile Moonlight from source code follow these instructions.

Yesterday I had the chance to talk at a DotNetZone event about Building Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight 2.0. It went very well, people seemed to have an active interest on this new Technology and anxiously looking forward to build real word applications (like this healthcare one announced yesterday by Tim Sneath) with it.

My session was quite long (2.5 hours – thankfully no one slept during it ;-)) so I had the chance to talk about almost all of Silverlight’s features and give a lot of demos, after all events like that, where you speak to developers, is all about demos right 😉 The topics that I covered were:

  • An Introduction to Silverlight
  • Core UI Features
  • Controls, User Controls
  • Styles and Templates
  • Networking
  • Data
  • Linq
  • Isolated Storage
  • Browser Integration

You can find all the source code from the presentation demos as well as the ppt here:

I’m also planing on uploading my session recording (yes I’ve recorded the whole thing 😉 I just need to find some space and bandwidth on the web.

Stay tuned!