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I really can’t remember when was the last time I was left without a PC. I always had one, possibly more PCs which I could use at any given time. Selling my laptop computer though last week left me without.
Being without a computer made me realize how addicted I am to it and the web, as the first thing I’m checking out everywhere I go, is where’s the nearest internet cafe.
And that’s not all, the minute I gave my computer away the phone started ringing (I know, it’s the Murphy’s law again) with job offers and tasks that I have to complete.
I hope my new computer arrives soon (hopefully this week) as I’m starting to feel really really sick ;-).

Wow…two barriers have been broken…

  • I din’t see it earlier hut I’ve broken the 100 blog posts barrier. I guess I missed it because of all the fuss with myFacebook gadget and Popfly screencast
  • MyFacebook gadget has just been downloaded over 2000  times and in just 2 days time…

I couldn’t be happier… glad you like my work…

Working with popfly for the 2007 elections silverlight graph gave me a fare ground of understanding on using and developing with Popfly. So I thought why not  share this by making my first official screencast.

I’m glad to say that it’s now complete and you can see it from here:

Video: Create Rich Web Content Using Popfly

I need to apologize for the video quality, but this was the only way I could publish it. I’m still looking though for other places where I could post the high quality screencast (If you know a place please contact me).

So stay tuned…

Some of you have been complaining about the authentication procedure of myFacebook gadget.

Well, don’t shoot the messenger… I’m just calling showModalDialog javascript function passing the apikey as querystring parameter to be authorized. Once authorized by facebook the gadget goes to the main page. I’m not responsible for anything that goes wrong on the facebook page. Usually things that could go wrong are caused by your browser security settings so a solution might be to put to your trusted sites zone.

Anyway I’m attaching a small video showing off how the 1st login should look like and hope that everything works out for you.

Video: myFacebook Gadget login

myFacebookIt’s been a while since my last post but that’s only because I’ve been working on my Gadget competition project. Some may already know what this was, the rest of you must probably have already figured it out from this post’s title, yes it’s a Facebook gadget.

The myFacebook gadget allows you to bring Facebook right into your windows vista desktop. With it you’ll be able to change your status, see your friends statuses, groups, notifications, albums and events without even having to open your web browser.

It’s probably the largest and certainly the most challenging gadget I’ve created (so far 😉 and it’s all written with JavaScript and DHTML. To retrieve facebook data, I’ve created a JavaScript wrapper of Facebook’s API that I’m also planning on releasing (its source code).

Once you’ve installed it you will have to authorize the gadget to see your facebook data just as you would for any other facebook application, before being able to interact with it. Extra authorization is needed though (from the facebook API) if you wish to be able to change your status as well.

In some cases you might have to login more than once (only the first time), as some (Patrick) noticed sorry for that but my intention is to avoid storing usernames and passwords and let Facebook handle authentication and authorization.

Note also that in some cases a javascript error may occur on the facebook login form preventing you from logging in. In such a case try changing your browser security settings to overcome the error or add to your trusted sites zone.