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For those of you who are interested on .Net 3.0 and especially WPF here are some new resources you should definitely have a look at. The first two links are part of the new wiki, channel9 launched yesterday, while the next two are new FREE business class components you can use at your applications…

You’ve probably seen or worked with a number of them, but here’s the complete and admittedly rich list of Shared Source Licensing programs for developers offered by Microsoft.

It sure is worth checking out.

Google Bug!

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It happens to the best of companies as well 😉 …

The Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting library is an encoding library designed to protect ASP.NET applications from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. This library differs from other encoding libraries in that it uses the the principle of inclusions technique to provide a high degree of protection against XSS attacks.

For those of you that build Web Applications this is a library that should always be used.

My Site and blog content has begun to grow, making search for a particular piece of information pretty difficult, so I have decided to live search enable it.
So from now on you will be able to search both my site and personal blog using Microsoft’s search engine.
For those of you interested, all you have to do is, register your site at and then put a piece of html/javascript to the place you want the search box to appear.

In case you’ve didn’t notice Marin has posted a comment regarding my WPFSubsonic project and to be more precise a way I can read my application configuration file through my custom Visual Studio Tool. Now I just need to port it to my solution that supports the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and ObservableCollection class so that SubSonic Object can be bound to WPF controls.

Thanks Martin

Over the years I’ve seen and/or participated on quite a few interesting projects but VisualWebGui is probably the best work I’ve ever came across.

VisualWebGui is a project that tries to unify the development model of Web and Windows Forms development. So with VisualWebGui you can create a new project, design forms like you would have done for any windows forms application and run it on the web.

The Guy or guys behind this (I still haven’t found any references on who’s behind this) have made most of the window form controls not only emit html and render on a browser but also generate javascript ajax methods to handle the control events. They’ve even enabled debugging!

If you’re into web development but don’t want to get dirty with html you should probably check it out…

Kudos guys…