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It’s been some time since I wrote something for PC Magazine. On October though PC Magazine published two of my articles.

  • Use Open Source SharpWebmail as your web email client. [Greek PCMagazine September 2006 p.153]

  • Build your Windows Mobile 5.0 RSS Reader using Visual Studio 2005. [Greek PCMagazine September 2006 p.194]
    Source Code

For those of you that missed PC Magazine’s last issue and are interested to read my articles, you can find them here:

I don’t know how many of you are interested or follow up on this effort. For those of you that do, I’m happy to say that the first release is very close.

The issue I still have to solve before publishing my code is the configuration one. Subsonic uses Web.Config to specify Database connection strings and the .Net 2.0 provider model to specify the Database drivers to be used. All these are configured in a custom configuration section that is read with a WebConfigurationSection descendant class at built time.

Since though custom build providers are not available at the Windows Forms platform I had to use another technique to emit the generated code in my programs. For this I decided to use Visual Studio Custom Tools following Dino Esposito’s article on MSDN Magazine. The problem with this implementation is that since your BaseCodeGeneratorWithSite class is registered as a COM object and created in Visual Studio’s scope, it has no longer access to types that could resolve the Custom App.Config Section (doesn’t know where to find the assemblies).

I’m thinking on putting the configuration section on the custom file that is passed on the BaseCodeGeneratorWithSite class as a parameter in the GenerateCode(string inputFileName, string inputFileContent) method. What do you think?

I’ve been using Windows Vista RC1 for quite a while now and I have to say that I’m quite happy with its stability and performance. Today though I had to hard reset my computer at least 10 times. First my Trend Micro PCCilin antivirus software was running my kernel system process to 100% of CPU performance thus freezing my operating system. Despite running its “return to previous good configuration” feature the program kept freezing my system. So I’ve decided to remove it and try another one (I’m now trying the CA antivirus solution). After resolving my antivirus software Issue I’ve decided to read the news on NY Times Reader (It’s a new habit I’ve picked up) only to find myself frozen again L

The point I want to make though is not the instability of the operating system, after all it’s only a release candidate and after all the problem originated from third party software. The thing that annoyed me most was that I wasn’t able to run the task manager and kill whichever process was causing the operating system to run slower, as I could in XP or windows 2000 even if the process used 100% of the CPU.

I guess that running the new UI of the ctrl-alt-del shortcut key requires some processing power that’s not available when another process has taken over the CPU and thus nothing happens by pressing it. Well I have to say that I preferred the old behavior and UI instead of having to hard reset my machine each time a process falls on an infinite loop…