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After installing Vista RC1 the problems I had installing VSS were resolved so for a while I was quite happy working with VSS on Vista. Today though I’ve just stumbled across the following problem:

Assume that you have a network share containing a VSS database which you use to store your development team work, and that you’ve provided the right security privileges in that share so that everyone in your team can access and modify it.

Also lets assume that you’ re working on a project that requires running Visual Studio as administrator (elevated mode in UAC).

In this case you are not running Visual Studio with your account anymore and of course you can no longer access the network share containing the VSS Database, and thus cannot work with source control over your project.

What’s oxymoron is that if you want to work around this problem you must allow everybody access to the particular share[1], thus lessen the security on the share in order to tighten security on your local machine.

I believe that this is not something that was done intentionally but something that was not considered when implementing UAC and something that will be resolved in the final built but never the less it’s something that gets on my nerves.

[1] Of course you can always have 2 Visual Studios to work with, one running in UAC elevated mode to run your project and another in normal mode to edit it (this will run as your account thus having access to VSS Database share.

My vista / office 2007 beta 2 migration has been completed, both my home and work machines have been smoothly rebuilt with the new configuration. Most of the issues I had faced with the vista beta 2 release have been resolved and now not only I feel pretty confident working  in the new platform but productive as well, as overall System speed has been increased  from the previous built.

The new OS looks great even on my work PC which does support Aero Glass user interface as the video display adapter is old and not supported . I plan on getting a cheap newer one to enable it though, as soon as possible.

The only problem I’m facing so far is mounting iso image files. On my old XP based system I used Microsoft’s Virtual CD-Rom Control Panel to mount iso images files instead of burning them on DVDs. When I try to use it on my Vista machines I get various errors such as “mount failed” or “drive remove failed” even though I’m running it with administrative privileges (UAC). Sometimes it works though without producing any error but even then I cannot access the mounted iso virtual drive.

Not even the so called NBAers could stop this team. Greece has qualified to the Basketball World Championship final and is going to play against the winner of the Spain – Argentina game. I don’t think that either of these teams can play the game as well as Greece can and that on Sunday Greece will win the Gold Metal.

This has made me as happy as Euro 2004 did a few years ago…