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After an unsuccessful first attempt to protect my blog using a captcha control, I’ve decided that more drastic measures were needed as spam was persisting. So after doing a small research I came across Akismet. Akismet is a blog plug-in that checks you blog’s comments using web services and returns if the comments are spam or not. It uses an internal database that is continuously updated from the bloggers that use it.

Let’s hope that this will work.

Although this should make me happy, as spammers usually choose to spam blogs that have some traffic, it has actually made me quite worried.
So I’ve decided to implement a
captcha control in order to prevent bots from posting spam comment through my blog.
Hope this minimizes the problem.

P.S. Sorry for any offending comment that might escape my attention.

I’ve returned yesterday from my summer vacation L and as promised, I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures taken from Nafplion (the place I visited this summer).

I’ve also found some time between reading some of my 1500 email and blog messages waiting on my inbox (most of them were spam and were automatically moved to the spam folder thank Outlook spam filter) , to see what was going on with my blog engine, as Andy (who was trying to post a comment) noticed, the comment posting button was disabled. From what I found out, the Technorati include had disabled all buttons in the page hosting their control. So I had to remove it until I find out what’s going wrong L.

Other than that it’s back to normal….