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When all Greek channels yesterday, were either re-running ancient Greek movies, having long boring political debates or playing some b-movie I was able to: (This is why TV is sentenced to death…)

LiveEarthIf you missed it, don’t worry you can still “answer the call” at

 IMG_2176I’ve spoken a couple of times about innovation in Greece and I’m glad when I see other people talking about it too. So when I was invited to show all the things we’re building at at Microsft’s Innovation Day, I was thrilled. Luckily there was WiFi netwrok availableso here are some snapshots from the event. Stay tunned more will come later…



Special thanks to Panos for the pictures

I usually check my email boxes before leaving home to see if something interesting is there and today there was. The popfly invite, I had to wait for a couple of weeks, had finally arrived. Unfortunately I had to wait again in order to get to work before being able to give it a go. Once I’ve started playing with it though,I found out that it was worth waiting after all.

Popfly is indeed a great tool for developing cool mashups and gadgets quickly and easily. And although it’s rather unstable at the moment (a couple of my mashups did not work with no apparent reason and the mashup designer did not always start), I believe that it will play a vital role in building web Next.

I can’t wait until I build my first real popfly gadget using my new popfly account.
If only I had a cool idea to start with…

Having been to Mix06 I knew that there were going to be a lot of cool things coming out this year too. So I’ve been following closely Mix07, although I didn’t manage to go this year and I must say that I’m pretty excited with all the things announced (although some were expected 😉 ).

One of the coolest demos I’ve seen so far is the Silverlight Airlines application posted by David Anson. I just hope that it will work for Europe as well as USA soon. Check it out.

Cool silverlight airline demo

Finally the project I’ve been working for the last year has gone Live.

The project had to do with the semi-automatic digitizing of newspapers and magazines from their raw form (PDF or postscript files) into rich fully decomposed digital content and the creation of new services that would consume this content.

Two of these services have gone live, specifically and, but more are going to go live soon. I feel congats are appropriate to everyone that participated in the project.

As for the future services I really can’t say more, except that the engine is so powerful and the content so rich that you’ll going to be amazed… 😉

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Now that is something worth blogging about, Patrick started his blog. Glad to see you on board Patrick.
Subscribed of course.

A few days ago I was showing a couple of colleagues the Human Productivity Lab’s work on the future of the desktop. Some of them joked about not settle for anything less than a Minority Report style GUI (you know the one Tom Cruise used in order to track criminals).

Well, unfortunately for them the technology exists and from what is seems it’s really not so far away before we start seeing production GUIs like those.

I’m a huge fan of dilbert cartoon so when I found out that there is a Daily Dilbert Vista Sidebar Gadget I raced and installed it.

Why isn’t this posted on

Kudos to Quartz

Several events occurred this week making it a truly WOW week:

Microsoft’s much awaited, new operating system, Windows Vista, was finally launched.

British Library published a great WPF application that presents old historical books. The user experience is so rich that you think you’re actually holding the book. I think I had already seen a demo of this app on Mix06, but nothing compares with the real thing.

A few days after the final release of Microsoft’s Ajax library, MS opened up its Source Code under the Microsoft Reference License (Ms-RL).

Microsoft released a new version of its browser enhancement module that enables browsers to render rich content in addition to HTM codename “WPF/E”. Note, that you’ll need the new February CTP release to run WPF/E applications since the previous version has a time bomb that disables it.

After installing the February CTP of WPF/E take a look at a simulation of the Vista Aero interface from inside your Web browser. [Thanks Savas]

And since we’re talking about desktops, have a look at the future of the desktop as the Human Productivity Lab imagines it. SO COOL!

Speaking of WOW experiences, send your WOW and get a chance to win a computer from Microsoft. Haven’t seen any Greek submissions so far. Are we not interested?