Google Wave Invitations give away

Google-Wave Yesterday I received my Google Wave Invitation which includes 8 more invitations to give away. So I have 8 Google Wave invitations and I’m going to give them up to 8 readers that will leave a comment to this blog post. So if you’re interested in testing Google’s new Social Platform leave a comment and try your luck 😉

The draw will take place next Tuesday.

P.S. You’ll have to include an email to your comment in which I’m going to send the invite in case you win.


Fellow MVP. Seems you WANT to pick me. 🙂

I just heard about this in passing the other day! I”m soo curious about this new tool, but I hear it”s mostly just annoying.

Hi! I would love to have an invite thanks!

Hello, i want an invitation.


Hey there. Any invitation left?

Yeap there are some left. But need an email in order to send them.

In case any invitations are available, I”d love to have one 🙂

I have Google Invitaions too, you can get it by leaving a comment on my blog post

I’ll love to be able to get an invitation to help with building a few projects that I have working in collaboration with many other people. I’d be very appreciative of this if you could!

Dear Kpantos,

Would really appreciate if you could send me an invite on sheesteven at

Thanks once again mate!

Hi, I”d like an invite too, please, on

I”ve been searching for an invite for a week now, with no luck. I”d really apreciate your help. Thank you in advance.


I would very much appreciate an invitation, too. If anyone has a spare one… Thank you!!!

Hey…are some invitations left? If so please send me one:

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